Our team


Executive Team

Denise Pircher

Favorite Song: Mandy, Barry Manilow
Favorite Movie: Top Gun

Jason Cashmore
Account Sales Manager South

Fav Song: Monkey Wrench, Foo Fighters
Fav Movie: Bridesmaids

Richard “Jim” Cashmore
Chief Salesman – OSHA Certified

Fav Song: Old Time Rock & Roll, Bob Seiger
Fav Movie: Chain Reaction

Business Support Team

Bob Johnson
Chief Financial Officer

Fav Song: Highway to Hell, AC/DC
Fav Movie: Shawshank Redemption

Retail Team

Larry Lombardo
Consumer Sales

Favorite Song: Kashmir, Led Zeppelin
Favorite Movie: Animal House

Marc Amy
Consumer Sales

Fav Song: Hotel California, The Eagles

Paula Booker
Consumer Sales

Fav Song: One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show, Bette Midler
Fav Movie: Gone with the Wind
Fav APP: Rep Fabric and Wordscapes

National Account Team

Ron Good
National Account Manager

Favorite Song: If You Think You’re Lonely Now (wait until tonight), Bobby Womack
Favorite Movie: Stand By Me
Fav APP: Training Peaks-tracking Training for cycling, weights, rowing, running

National Account Manager

Favorite Song: Pursuit of Happiness
Favorite Movie: Austin Powers

Dave Jansen
National Account Manager

Fav Song: Limelight, RUSH

Fav Movie: Bullitt (Steve McQueen)

Territory Team 

Marc Amy
Sales – Michigan, Pennsylvania

Favorite Song: Hotel California, Eagles

Matt Reese
Sales – Minnesota, N.Dakota, S.Dakota

Fav Song: Blue Eyes Cryin’ in the Rain, Willie Nelson
Fav Movie: The Natural
Fav APP: A tie between MN511 Traffic and Repfabric

Dave Fogarty
Sales – Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia

Fav Song: Rockstar, Nickelback

Tommy Morris
Sales – Northern IL. Southern WI, Northwest IN

Fav Song: American Pie- Don McLean
Fav Movie: Happy Gilmore

Chris Nielson
Sales – Iowa, Southern IL

Fav Song: 80’s Music
Fav Movie: Superhero Anything

Drew Gingrass
End User Specialist

Fav Song: Saturday Night, Elton John
Fav Movie: The Breakfast Club

Mark Warner
Sales – Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska

Fav Song:
Fav Movie:

Jessica Kingery
Sales Specialist

Fav Song: Modern Love, David Bowie
Fav Movie: How to be Single

Charlie Gertson

SalesTexas – Gulf Coast region, Louisiana 

Favorite Song: Less Wise – Cody Jinks

Favorite Movie: Secondhand Lions

Support Team

Paula Booker
Sales Operations Manager Industrial/Retail

Fav Song: Ooo Baby Baby
Fav Movie: Wizard of Oz

Kim Schade

Fav Song: Anything by Josh Groban
Fav Movie: An Affair to Remember